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In order to install an Access Control Systems on a commercial basis in the Republic of Ireland, it is required to have a Private Security Authority (PSA) License.

There is currently no technical standard required for Access Control licensing. The PSA have issued a document defining Access Control.

For first time entrants looking for an Access Control installation license independent of Intruder Alarms and/or CCTV, it is required to first become certified to SR 40:2005.

For first time entrants looking for an Access Control Installation license together with Intruder Alarm and/or CCTV installation, it is required to obtain a temporary license from the PSA (see Intruder Alarm or CCTV for further information).

SR 40: EQA have produced a guidance document on SR 40 (Link). This standard includes sections on Company Organization (e.g. Tax Clearance and Insurance), Staffing (e.g. Selection and Screening of Staff), Training and Operations.

INFORMATION:Certificates are issued for 2 years subject to Annual Surveillance visits.