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Our Legacy

Established in 1995, EQA has been at the forefront of providing impartial third-party certification for Management Systems. In 2006, we expanded our expertise to include the Certification of Security Systems, specifically for Private Security Authority licensing. Our commitment to impartial third-party certification stems from the belief that it is among the most effective ways to showcase a company’s adherence to recognised standards to their clients and customers.

Client-Centric Approach

EQA was founded during a time when certification bodies prioritized large clients, often neglecting SMEs. While our directory now includes major corporations, our core philosophy remains unchanged. We ensure that every company and individual, regardless of size, receives personalised attention and is treated as a valued client. 

Accreditation and Recognition

As a testament to our commitment to quality, EQA is accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) for multiple certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, EN 50131, EN 50518, and PSA 74. We are also approved by the Private Security Authority for certifying standards related to security licensing. Additionally, we offer non-accredited certification to several standards, adhering to Accredited Certification criteria.

Insightful Auditing

At EQA, we take pride in our diverse panel of auditors and experts, each possessing extensive and current industry experience. We emphasise the importance of auditors understanding the businesses they audit, using their own experiences to enhance the support we provide our clients through their certification journey.

Our Group

EQA is a proud member of the Amtivo group, working with our sister companies around the world to provide certification services on a global scale. As part of this group, we can share our experiences and gain valuable insights into the markets around the world to strengthen our best practices, share resources and receive investment for innovation and development of the services we provide to our valued clients.