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EQA have been providing impartial third party certification of Management Systems since 1995 and Certification of Security Systems for the purpose of Private Security Authority licensing since 2006.
Impartial Third Party Certification is one of the best methods of demonstrating to interested parties such as customers, the government or members of the local community that a company is managed in accordance with recognized standard(s).

EQA was founded at a time when other certification bodies were focused on large clients while providing a poor service to SME’s. While EQA now include some very large companies in our directory of certified clients, EQA still ensure that all companies and individuals receive personal attention and are treated as valued clients.
EQA are accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, EN 50131, EN 50518 and PSA 74 certification. We are approved by the Private Security Authority for certification of standards for security licensing. We also provide non-accredited certification to a number of standards using Accredited Certification criteria. INAB is a member of the European Co-Operation for Accreditation (EA), Accredited British Certification Bodies and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). As members of these groups we have access to future changes and improvements in the standards when they are being drafted which allows us to ensure clients are made aware of changes that could affect them. The Multi-Lateral Agreements operated by both EA and IAF ensure that certificates with the INAB logo are recognized internationally.

EQA have a large panel of auditors and experts with a wide range of industry experience. It is important to us that auditors understand the business they are auditing. It is only by understanding the context of an organization that an auditor can effectively make a judgement as to whether or not a management or security system is compliant with the standard. EQA do not employ full time auditors as we believe that auditors lose their effectiveness if they are not involved in other activities in addition to auditing.

INFORMATION:EQA are a fully independent certification body. We are members of EFAC (European Federation of Associations of Certification Bodies) and retain informal contacts with other companies using the EQA brand worldwide. Our full time staff our ready to accept your calls and answer your queries.