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In order to install an Access Control Systems on a commercial basis in the Republic of Ireland, it is required to have a Private Security Authority (PSA) License.

From the 1st of June all installers who hold a PSA 74 certificate or wish to be audited to Access Control System Certification will be required to be audited to PSA 67 at their next audit if they wish to continue to be licensed to install access control systems.


  • If you currently hold certification to alarm, cctv or access control systems then you will be required to show one access control system install and one install of each other system. So in most cases this means 3 installs to show – Alarm Install, CCTV Install and Access Control Install. Current installers have the choice to be audited to PSA 67:2021 or EN 60839-11-2.
  • If you do not hold certification to access control (PSA 74) then you will be required to apply to the PSA for access control certification and once you have two sites completed we will carry out your audit to EN 60839-11-2.

Breakdown of the standards

PSA 67 part 1 covers the specifications in relation to achieving Access control certification.

PSA 67 Part 2 covers the requirements regarding the install and the paperwork required to be completed.

The main sections of part 2 are:

  • Grading of Access Points
  • Location Survey
  • System Design
  • Equipment Selection and Installation
  • Test, Commissioning, Maintenance and Certification
  • As Fitted Document

EN 60839-11-2 is very similar to Part 2 of PSA 67 and will fully replace PSA 67 in all audits from November 2025.

EN 60839-11-2 main sections are:

  • Component Environmental class considerations
  • System Planning
  • System Installation
  • Commissioning and System Handover
  • Documentation

The PSA 67 standard is available from the following link on the PSA’s website and available on our downloads section of our website:

EN 60839-11-2 is available for purchase from

The general approach to audits will not change for existing clients and applies to all new applicants.

The auditor will meet you at your premises, go through the requirements of PSA 74:2019 and just like the other standards will follow you out to a site where you completed an access control system installation. They will ask you to go through what was installed, run a test on the system to make sure it functions as it should and consult the paperwork(whether digital or hard copy) against the requirements of the standard to ensure that what you installed meets what is recorded in the paperwork, the client fully understands what they got and that the system was install in compliance with PSA 67:2021 or EN 60839-11-2.

EQA has produced a guidance document for PSA 74:2019 which can be found at this Link.

If you have any questions please contact our offices on 01-4734188.