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In order to monitor CCTV images originating in the Republic of Ireland, an ARC is required to hold a Private Security Authority (PSA) license. This applies equally to ARC’s located outside Ireland which monitor CCTV images from Ireland. The Garda Siochana (Irish Police force) will request details of PSA licensing prior to approving a monitoring centre for Garda response.

Licensing commenced on 1st November 2014 with PSA 33:2014 being the standard mandated by the PSA for licensing. This standard includes the non-technical requirements for licensing (e.g. Tax Clearance, Insurance, Staff Selection etc.) and makes reference to the technical standards required. The standard is available free of charge from the PSA and EQA websites (link). The technical standards required for new entrants is EN 50518. ARC’s which were licensed prior to 31st October (licensed for Intruder Alarm Monitoring) may continue with certification to IS 228 in place of EN 50518.

EN 50518:2013 has been superceded by EN 50518:2019 and brings all three sections together into one standard.

If you have any queries regarding certification to this standard please contact the Compliance Manager at