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In order to install a CCTV System on a commercial basis in the Republic of Ireland, it is required to have a Private Security Authority (PSA) License.

For companies entering the industry for the first time, the first step is to obtain a temporary license from the PSA. The temporary license gives contractors the opportunity to install the required number of CCTV systems needed to proceed with certification. In order to obtain a temporary license, it is necessary to register with a Certification Body (the PSA look for evidence of registration as part of their application pack). For contractors looking for a CCTV license without an Intruder Alarm License, it is necessary to install a minimum of 4 CCTV systems in order to proceed with certification. For contractors looking for a license to install both Intruder Alarm and CCTV systems, it is necessary to install a minimum of 4 Intruder Alarm and 2 CCTV systems.

In order to obtain a full license for CCTV Installation, it is necessary to have an audit against the requirements of PSA 74:2019 and PSA 2006_12 standards.

PSA 74:2019: EQA have produced a guidance document on PSA 74 (Link). This standard includes sections on Company Organization (e.g. Tax Clearance and Insurance), Staffing (e.g. Selection and Screening of Staff), Training and Operations.

PSA 2006_12: This standard is available for download free of charge from both the PSA and EQA websites (Link). EQA provide additional guidance and template documents to companies who register with EQA for certification.