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EQA is approved by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) to audit member of the Vehicle Testers Network (VTN) against the ISO 9001, CITA 9B and VTN standards. VTN is a network of test centres licensed by The Road Safety Authority (RSA).

It is mandatory for Commercial vehicles to be tested yearly. There are two classifications of vehicles Light Goods Vehicle – up to 3500 kg’s (gross vehicle weight) and Heavy Goods Vehicle – 3501 kg’s (gross vehicle weight and over). The purpose of the network is to provide a strong and vibrant network of test centres which are required to operate to the highest international standards. ISO 9001 and CITA 9B are the standards required by the RSA for licensing. Licensed test centres issue CVRT (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test) discs which must be displayed on commercial vehicles.

SIMI is the national representative body for the Motor Industry in Ireland and is dedicated to:

Driving a business environment that supports Industry growth, Implementing consistently high standards among Members, Delivering quality information and added-value services to Members, Communicating effectively with Members and being the voice of the Motor Industry