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Management System Transfers:

Provided the existing certificate(s) have been issued by an accredited certification body and all audits are up to date, EQA can provide a quotation based on a Surveillance Audit (where EQA can issue certificates with the same expiry date as the existing certificates) or a Re-Assessment Audit (where EQA take up the certification following the expiry of the existing certificates).
Should you require certification to a new standard which is not available from your existing certification body, we would be happy to transfer your existing certification in addition to providing a quotation for the new standard.

Private Security Authority Certification Transfer:

EQA accept transfers from any certification body approved by the Private Security Authority. EQA can issue certificates following an audit or in some instances can issue certificates prior to the audit taking place.
If a company have a valid certificate and have been audited within the previous 12 Months, EQA can issue a certificate with the same expiry date as the existing certificate (or 12 Months from the last audit date if this is shorter).