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What we do

EQA act as an independent third party providing certification for Management System and Security certification schemes. A typical process flow is given below.


The company (or individual) prepares for certification independent of EQA. This can be done internally or with the help of a consultant. To ensure impartiality, Accredited Certification Bodies are not permitted to offer consultancy to their clients.

Request for Quotation:

Based on the size and complexity of the organisation, the number of sites which need to be visited and the number of standards to be certified, EQA will issue an official quotation. Once the quotation is accepted, EQA will select the most suitable auditor(s) to conduct the audit and arrange a date for the initial visit.

Initial Audit:

For all Management System and some Security Audits, an initial audit is required (this will be detailed on the quotation). The purpose of the initial audit is to confirm that the client has implemented the system correctly and applied it to the activities of their company.

For Management System Audits the initial audit is broken into a Stage 1 audit and a Stage 2 audit.

Stage 1 audit checks to ensure that the standard has been properly documented and that the required actions have been taken to meet the standard i.e Internal audit has been completed, management review has been completed. Risks and opportunities have been identified.

Stage 2 will mainly cover the processes implemented and comparing the processes documented in theory and whats covered in practice to ensure that an efficient system has been put in place that meets the standard.

Any non-conformances identified will be clearly explained to the client and generally 4 weeks is given to close out the non-conformance.

Assessment Audit:

During the assessment audit, the EQA audit team will evaluate the systems in place and compare them to the requirements of the standard. The output of this audit is a recommendation from the lead auditor (ideally for certification to be granted)

Assessment Committee:

The assessment committee is an independent committee which will review the report from the audit team and any corrective action carried out by the company. If all is in order, the Assessment Committee will approve issue of the certificate(s), which is then signed by our Chief Executive.

Marketing and Promotion:

The certificates can now be used as evidence of compliance with the standard(s).